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Service Hours

Every family is expected to donate service to the parish and school. The family goal is a minimum of 45 hours of service to be completed during the school year, or in lieu of service hours to contribute $675.00 to the school ($15.00 per hour). The cost of education per child is significantly more than the indicated tuition rate; and in order to continue to maintain tuition levels at affordable rates, it is expected that every family will honor this commitment. Service hours do not just offset the cost of education, but it also provides families with an opportunity to directly participate in school activities and build school community.

In order to receive credit for service hours earned, the school office must approve. A bill will be sent home at the rate of $15.00 for each incomplete hour. The rest of the service hours must be completed two weeks prior to the last day of school. Parents of Kindergarten and 8th grade students must have their service hours completed two weeks prior to graduation day. A list of different ways to fulfill the hours of service is available at the school’s office.

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