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School Board

Parent-Teacher Support Organization

OLHR has a robust Parents, Teachers, Students, in Christ (PTSC) that supports the school in so many ways. We are very fortunate to have his group of hardworking and generous individuals! The PTSC does the following:

  • Promotes an appreciation of Catholic Education
  • Makes use of resources at home and school to provide the best education possible
  • Advises the school’s administrative team
  • Provides a forum of communication for parents and teachers
  • Provides a solid organization to improve the school’s fund–raising efforts
  • Integrates families into the life of the O.L.H.R. community
  • To be a support system for home and school spiritual, social, and educational activities
  • To be a financial support system for the school through fundraisers and resources

Elections to the PTSC Executive Council are held on an annual basis. Current information on the PTSC, including a listing of Executive Council officers and members, can be found in the School Handbook. 

Room Mothers

Room Mothers work to support our students and teachers by helping to build school community through parental involvement in daily classroom activities. There are two Room Mothers assigned per classroom and are headed by the Room Mothers Coordinators.

Under the direction of the teacher, Room Mothers assist with birthdays, Christmas programs and other responsibilities deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher. Room Parents are also involved with a number of other school functions. It is a rewarding experience to be a Room Parent and be directly involved in school activities that support the children and families. More information about the Room Parents can be found in the School Handbook.


Contact Us

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School

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Phone: (818) 765-4897
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Phone PS/PK: (818) 765-2381

School Office Hours

7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.