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The mission of our elementary school states that in partnership with parents, OLHR School commits to fulfilling the spiritual, moral, academic and physical needs of the child. In addition, our vision highlights that parents, who are the primary educators of their children, work in partnership with teachers and staff to build strong and responsible citizens.

OLHR Student Learning Expectations

Outstanding Christians:

  1. Have and demonstrate a basic knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church
  2. Love and are devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary
  3. Show respect for God, self, others, Church, authority and property

Lifelong Learners:

  1. Demonstrate a strong foundation in the basic of all subject areas and confidently produce quality work
  2. Show a continuing curiosity for education, know where to go for information and how to interpret it
  3. Have study habits and critical thinking skills and use these effectively
  4. Work  independently and collaboratively to create solutions

Healthy Individuals:

  1. Have developed an understanding of good physical health including proper diet and good hygiene
  2. Develop their full physical potential and have knowledge and appreciation for a variety of physical activities
  3. Play fair and show good sportsmanship

Responsible Citizens:

  1. Model good manners and obey rules
  2. Demonstrate self-control and responsible behavior
  3. Work cooperatively with others

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